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Applied Consultants, Inc. (ACI), of Tewksbury, Massachusetts is a planning, management, and technical consulting firm offering services in the areas of radiation protection management, materials licensing, emergency response preparedness, decommissioning, waste management, training, and related issues.

A high level of knowledge backed by years of experience in planning and management enables our personnel to understand the diverse needs and expectations of clients. This understanding and a systematic approach to work ensure completion of our projects in a timely fashion.

At Applied Consultants, we know that client satisfaction is directly proportional to the quality of service provided; our personnel maintain strict standards of integrity and dedication to professionalism to ensure a consistently high level of service and responsiveness for all clients.

The goal of Applied Consultants, Inc. is to provide our clients support with the intricacies involved in a diverse range of regulatory, planning, management, and technical issues in a manner which ensures the highest level of quality and cost effectiveness

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Representative Areas of Expertise Provided by our Firm

Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Radiological Protection

Emergency Response Preparedness

Decommissioning and Decontamination

Training Services

Waste Management

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 Licensing and Regulatory Compliance


Our staff has extensive experience in the planning and preparation of both new and amended applications for the use of radioactive materials. Applied Consultants, Inc. prepares U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Agreement State license applications for the use of radioactive materials. Our consultants work with the client to assure that all regulatory submittals are in accordance with the current regulatory guidance and radiation protection practices without placing overly restrictive requirements on the licensee. For those facilities currently under license we will perform an audit of your NRC and/or Agreement State license. This audit is conducted to ascertain compliance with license conditions and provide recommendations to the client on the various options available to assure that licensed activities are carried out in accordance with all license conditions. Additionally Applied Consultants, Inc. will prepare any necessary renewal or amendment applications to the appropriate regulatory agencies.


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 Radiological Protection


Applied Consultants capabilities and services in the area of radiological protection include:

Radiation Protection Programs

License Preparation

Audits and Appraisals

Educational and Training Programs

ALARA Programs

Decommissioning Plans

Dose Assessment

Procedure Development

Radiological Site Assessment



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 Emergency Response Preparedness


Our consultants have extensive experience in providing services in support of Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness. These services have ranged from the development or revision of emergency preparedness programs for commercial facilities to coordinating emergency response capabilities for State and local government agencies.


Applied Consultants capabilities in this area include:


Emergency Response Plans and Procedures

Design and review of facilities and equipment

Audits, Appraisals and Independent Reviews

Emergency Plan Training

Development, conduct, and evaluation of Drills and Exercises


Support activities include the development of emergency response plans and implementing procedures consistent with current regulatory guidance as well as the testing of plans and procedures through the development and conduct of emergency preparedness drills and exercises. The following are representative of the types of emergency preparedness tasks our personnel have perform for various clients:


Fine tuning of existing plans and procedures

Preparation of new plans and procedures

Development of drill and exercise scenarios

Provision of control and evaluation of drill and exercise performance

Training of drill and exercise control organizations

Coordination of activities among various emergency response entities

Design and modification of emergency response facilities


A broad spectrum of knowledge and many years of experience in dealing with emergency preparedness issues is a unique facet that enables us to ensure the planning and management needs of the client are met.

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 Decontamination and Decommissioning


Our health physicists provide a variety of decommissioning and decontamination related services. The scope of our projects have ranged from simple phase outs of small production areas or formerly utilized equipment to complete release of large broad scope manufacturing facilities encompassing thousands of square feet of contaminated area. The services we have provided in this arena include tasks such as:


Site Assessment and Characterization

Preparation of Decommissioning Plan and Procedures

Conduct of facility and procedural audits

Regulatory Compliance and interface

Quality assurance monitoring of cleanup activities

Coordination of Regulatory Correspondence

Preparation of Close-Out Radiation Surveys and Reports

Submittal of License Termination Requests

Clients generally prefer our turnkey management approach to solving the range of issues involved in the decommissioning and decontamination process and our experience in the regulatory intricacies associated with these endeavors provides these clients with a significant advantage as they proceed through the regulatory process.

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Applied Consultants, Inc. offers customized training programs to our clients. These training programs can include, but are not limited to the following topics:


Radiation Safety Management

Emergency Preparedness

Health Physics

Radiological Monitoring

Environmental Surveys & Sampling

Dose Assessment


Respiratory Protection

Regulatory Compliance


All training programs are specifically tailored to the client's application and/or radioactive/hazardous material of concern. Typically each training program is preceded by a meeting with the client to assure that the training goals they wish to accomplish are well understood and addressed by the proposed training program.


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 Waste Management


Applied Consultants, Inc. provides waste management consulting services which enable clients to resolve a broad spectrum of waste related issues. Services have ranged range from the recommendation and implementation of various innovative waste minimization, treatment, and volume reduction techniques to coordinating disposal activities between various waste brokerage services and/or disposal sites.

Our consultants have provided expertise in all matters of licensing as well as compliance aspects of waste treatment, packaging, transportation, and disposal. In the private sector our experts have managed a low-level radioactive waste brokerage service, developed procedures, provided technical oversight to low level radioactive waste and mixed waste treatment efforts, audited radioactive waste storage, transportation and disposal practices, and assisted our clients in correspondence with the various regulatory agencies. In the public sector our consultants have served as members of various working groups and developed publications on the management of low-level radioactive and mixed wastes.


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1501 Main Street, Suite 40

Tewksbury, MA 01876

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   Representative Client Listing

Allied Waste/BFI

Arthur D. Little, Inc.

BioDevelopment Laboratories, Inc.

City of Newburyport, MA

DataChem Laboratories

EG&G Idaho, Inc.

GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

GE Panametrics, Inc.

Howmet Corporation

Howmedica Corporation

Laidlaw Environmental

New Hampshire Yankee

Nuclear Metals, Inc.

Phillips Lighting Company

RMI Titanium

Raytheon Corporation

SE Technologies, Inc.

Sprague Electric Company

Thermo EGS Gauging, Inc.

U.S. Department of Energy

Yankee Atomic Electric Company

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 Biographical Information


Principals of Applied Consultants, Inc.


Mr. Mario A. Vigliani, CHP is a certified health physicist with over 31 years experience in a diverse range of disciplines including radiation protection management, decommissioning, waste management, emergency preparedness, auditing, regulatory compliance, quality assurance and related areas. Mr. Vigliani has also served as a radiation safety officer and operations manager for a low level waste brokerage service where he advised clients on all aspects of waste management including packaging, volume reduction, mixed waste management, transportation, and regulatory matters. Mr. Vigliani holds a B.S. in Radiological Health Physics and an M.S. in Radiological Sciences and Protection from the University of Lowell. He has supported DOE Environmental and Safty audits including Tiger team Assessments, Environmental Management, Routine Environmental and Integrated Safety Management Assessments at a number of DOE facilities. His DOE "Q" clearance is currently active. Mr. Vigliani received comprehensive certification from the American Board of Health Physics in 1996. Prior to establishing Applied Consultants, Inc. with Mr. Lischinsky in 1989, he was employed in the environmental consulting area. He is a member of the Health Physics Society, the American Nuclear Society, the New England Chapter of the HPS, and the American Academy of Health Physics.


Mr. Joseph Lischinsky, CHMM is a health physicist with 35 years experience in radiation protection management, decommissioning and decontamination, training, drills and exercises, regulatory affairs, waste management, audits, and related areas. Mr. Lischinsky is also a co-founder of Applied Consultants, Inc., where he serves as consultant health physicist to Environmental Engineering, Planning and Law firms specializing in Environmental issues. His experience includes provision of expertise in radiological site assessment, health and radiation safety, site remediation and expert witness testimony. He received his B.S. degree in Biology from Suffolk University in Boston, and his M.Sc. in Applied Management from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He posesses a DOE "Q" clearance and has supported DOE Tiger team Assessments and Environmental Management Assessments at Sites throughout the DOE complex. He is Certified at the Masters Level by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Managers. Previous experience included positions with an environmental consulting firm and a broad scope source material defense contractor and manufacturing facility. He is a member of the Health Physics Society, both the national organization and new England Chapter, as well as the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers.


The following publications have been authored by the principals at Applied Consultants:


Allard, D.J., Harding, R.P., and Lischinsky, J., Radiological Hazards Associated with Depleted Uranium Munitions, (1985 Presented at Department of Defense training conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, Maryland).


Lischinsky, J., The Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, (1986 M.Sc. Thesis, Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts).


Lischinsky, J., Vigliani, M.A., Source Material Licensees, The Effects of Past Operations and Meeting Current License Termination Criteria, (1988 Presented at the 33rd Annual Health Physics Society Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts).


Berens, R.S., Vigliani, M.A., Groot, W., Raddose III. State-of-the Art Dose Assessment for Radiological Emergency Planning, (1988 Presented at the 33rd Annual Health Physics Society Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts).


Lischinsky, J., Vigliani, M.A., and Allard, D.J., Radioactivity In Zirconium Oxide Powders Used In Industrial Applications, (1991 Health Physics, Volume 60, Number 6, June, pp. 859-862, Pergamon Press, U.S.A.).


Lischinsky, J., Vigliani, M.A., Planning and Management in Decommissioning, (1993 Presented at the 38th Annual Health Physics Society Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia).


Vigliani, M.A., Lischinsky, J., Application of Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies to Mixed Wastes, (1993 Presented at the 38th Annual Health Physics Society Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia).


Lischinsky, J., Vigliani, M.A., Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies and Mixed Wastes, (1995 Presented at the 40th Annual Health Physics Society Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts).


Vigliani, M.A., Lischinsky, J., Managing Difficulties Associated With Application Of Radiological Release Criteria For C-14 Facilities, (1995 Presented at the 40th Annual Health Physics Society Meeting, Boston, MA) (1996 Radiation Protection Management Volume 13, No. 5, September/October, pp. 35-39, RSA Publications, U.S.A.).


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